What makes sales training and development effective?

Since 2002, Precedo Consulting has represented Huthwaite International, one of the world’s leading sales training organisations, in Finland.

The unique strength of Huthwaite stems from three key factors:

  • Research into improving the effectiveness of sales that Huthwaite has been doing for 40 years
  • Measurable results of sales skills development
  • Extensive international network of experts, which allows Huthwaite to propose training in more than 30 different languages.

From key account management to face-to-face selling, and in every sales situation you can imagine, we have a database of in excess of 40,000 sales interactions, isolating and documenting behavioral characteristics that differentiate effective sales people from average ones.

The Huthwaite approach to sales training is neither theory-based nor received wisdom. Instead, it’s field-researched, field-validated and field-proven to increase sales effectiveness. It is this ‘based on fact’ backbone to everything that we do that allows our clients to trust our training in every aspect of selling.

Incorporating a whole range of sales-related situations, from face-to-face calls to negotiation, our work concentrates on three areas:

  • How do successful people allocate their time to the different tasks that they face?
  • Which issues do they focus on?
  • What are the behavioral skills that they use to bring success?

The majority of the skills that determine sales effectiveness are interactive. When people sell, persuade, negotiate or make presentations they communicate. We know that some people communicate better than others. The baffling question is – exactly what do successful people do differently which makes them more effective?

Huthwaite has spent the last 40 years answering this question. Through our work we have isolated and documented the key skills that improve effectiveness in a specific interaction. For example, by observing many negotiations and analysing the data collected, we know what the most successful negotiators do differently.

SPIN® Selling

The world’s most validated selling skills model, SPIN® lies at the heart of consultative, B2B selling.

It looks at the behaviors used to effectively uncover and develop customer needs, to build value and competitive differentiation, to minimise objections and make high-impact benefit statements.

We help you address issues like these:

  • “Customers just don’t see why we’re worth a price premium.”
  • “We’re treated like a commodity instead of as a high value supplier/partner.”
  • “We’re just not good at dealing with professional buyers.”
  • “Many of our sellers come from a technical background, so they talk about technical features instead of exploring the client’s business issues.”
  • “We need to be sure that our sellers build value for our unique differentiators.”
  • “Our people know what they’re doing, but we need to refine their skills and make them consistent – personally, across teams, and across the whole company.”
  • “We need skills that give us a common language and success measures throughout the business.”
  • “We need an approach that goes beyond training – we want to improve the quality of our customer experience.”

The Huthwaite SPIN® Selling program is aimed at anyone in sales, business development or in some other customer-facing role where demonstrating value to a customer is an important part of what you do – or what you should be doing.

The program provides an opportunity for genuine skill development as a platform for making a permanent behavioral change that will positively affect sales performance.

We understand that your needs may differ from those of another company and it is for this reason that all of our training programs are tailored to you. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs and we can design a program focused on your goals.

Sales Presentations

In the complex selling process proposals and presentations give you the best opportunities to relate the benefits of your product to the perceived needs of the entire decision-making group.

We help you to address issues like these:

How many of your salespeople’s proposals and presentations:

  • Open with a detailed but unpersuasive pitch about your organization’s history, size etc? (So what?)
  • Focus on the features of your product or service rather than the specific needs of individual decision-makers?
  • Fail to make a comprehensive business case and so are unpersuasive for decision-influencers who have not been closely involved in the sale?
  • Meet with low or no reaction because they are unstructured, boring or difficult to follow?
  • Offer detailed price breakdowns that invite analysis, comparison and negotiation?
  • Fail to differentiate your offering effectively from those of your competitors?

Sales Presentation training is targeted at those who participate in preparing sales presentations, usually the customer’s decision-making team, as part of the selling process. ?If technical specialists are required to make a contribution, continuity of style and the persuasive message will be improved if the whole presentation team attends the program together.

This training integrates Huthwaite’s original models of buyer psychology and persuasion. Working on a presentation that they themselves bring to the program, delegates will have opportunities for practical work and feedback and will leave the program with a structured template to make future presentations more successful.

We understand that your needs may differ from those of another company and this is why all of our training programs are tailored to you. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs and we can design a program focused on your goals.

Negotiation Skills

Any transaction where the terms are variable is the potential subject of negotiation; and without the skill to do it well, even the best-looking deal can quickly turn into a bad one.

We help you address issues like these:

  • “The other party is better organized and divides and conquers our negotiation team.”
  • “The focus on price means our organization ends up conceding and being pushed towards a worse deal.”
  • “Our negotiators appear powerless, particularly in negotiations with large sophisticated organizations.”
  • “The other party uses aggression and we’re usually involved in a conflict, with negative consequences for the deal and the relationship.”
  • “We keep signing deals that are costly, where margins are squeezed and the relationship is damaged.”
  • “Getting a mandate internally is almost as difficult as dealing with the other party.”

The negotiation program is for anyone who negotiates as part of their job, whether as part of a team or as a principal negotiator, as a buyer or seller – or for intra-company negotiation. You will gain insights and skills to understand what is really important in your negotiation and how to secure the best outcome, through direct experience of strategy, tactics, preparation, planning, and a unique behavioural success model.

Sales Coaching

Sales coaching is one of the best ways of creating lasting and measurable change as it reinforces training and helps embed new skills into everyday situations.

In a word, coaching, done well, can supercharge the SPIN® skills that are already putting you in the fast lane. Training alone, however good, might not fully achieve its potential impact on performance. Without reinforcement, some people struggle to transfer their newly acquired skills to the real world.

We help you to address issues like these:

  • “Our training is highly rated but never delivers the performance improvement we are looking for.”
  • “Our people got great knowledge and insight from the SPIN® training but we need to make sure that their rate of behavioral change is supported after the training.”
  • “The SPIN® planning tools are spreading well among our trained sellers; now we need to be sure they are always used properly.”
  • “We want our managers to coach but it just doesn’t happen – at least it doesn’t happen well.”
  • “We’re reluctant to invest in training when we can’t measure the impact it has had.”

Huthwaite SPIN® Coaching is for anyone involved in personal development, including Sales Managers, HR and L&D specialists, and peer-to-peer coaches. It enables your people to help their colleagues to compare their personal planning, reviewing and verbal behavioural profile against our best practice model. We equip coaches to ensure that you can embed behavioral change and atchieve long-term business benefits.