According to John P. Kotter: 70% of change projects fail

Leading change requires both insightful management and good leadership. The larger the change, the more leadership is required. During the past 10 years, Precedo Consulting has helped more than 35 major organizations to design change in their sales and customer-related operations and has also helped these organizations to accelerate the speed of change.

Based on our experience, we have been able to create a deep understanding of how to design and implement successful change if the company wants to be truly world class in their customer service and sales operations.

Some challenges that our customers have commented on when they think back to their change processes:

“The whole leadership team was committed and communicated a lot. Did we have enough change agents at middle management and expert levels?”

“We have tried to communicate the objectives and to create an urgency for change. I have a feeling that the majority of our sales people, business unit heads and experts understand that we need to be more consultative towards our customers, but maybe the real problem for slow change is that behavioral change has not really happened?”

“We set ambitious targets for our sales teams and for our experts. Did we measure the quantity and quality of our coaching activities?”

These customer challenges are examples of where the Precedo Consulting Change Model. can help.

Top management teams often build the strategy, top management teams understand and communicate the need for change and also start critical change initiatives. However, when things only happen from the top down, change starts to materialize very slowly.

  •  We have learned that, for change processes to be successful, large numbers of individuals from different parts of the organization need to be empowered early on in the process to work as change agents beyond the traditional hierarchy

Often, people understand the urgency, they understand the desired outcome and “their head and logic are there”, but we do not know if their “heart” is there. What does change mean behaviorally, how do we make the change?

  •  It is relatively easy to communicate the objectives and reasons for changing into a consultative selling organization but, for example, changing individual behavior from presenting a solution / product into consultative selling is almost always a massive change and in most cases the effort needed to support this is underestimated. We have seen that when the required change is behaviorally clearly defined, then change can be accelerated significantly.

In the majority of change processes, management thinking focus on people doing their jobs (account managers, customer service specialists, technical service staff). Sometimes, we see limited thinking, effort and focus on how we as leaders should change?

  •  One of the core elements of successful change is the time that we allocate to coaching and the quality of the coaching. We have seen significant differences in results between those companies that continue their sales leadership in the same way as before and those companies that also change the KPIs and real behavior of sales team leaders in the direction of sales coaching.

The Precedo Consulting Change Model is dynamic, modular, and linked into your own organizations activities. It helps you design, implement and accelerate your change. It also includes tools to measure the status of implementation.