Precedo Consulting helps customers to analyze sales performance objectively compared with a top-performing sales organization and to plan the path and concrete actions towards becoming a top-performing sales organization.

Precedo Consulting has been consulting and helping with more than 100 sales transformation processes. Wuth almost 30 years of experience, we have built up a deep understanding of what the critical success factors in the following 5 key areas mentioned below are. We analyze and benchmark your organization objectively but also in concrete terms so that development activities can be pinpointed effectively.

A top-performing sales organization has a good balance between 5 elements:

  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Skills
  • Sales Metrics
  • Sales Leadership

Top sales organizations are able to make sure that they create value in different customer segments. At the same time, sales teams are able to cement this value in a way that enables organizations to generate better margins than the competition.

Some critical questions are:

  • How easy it is to implement your segmentation model?
  • Do you know how your customers segment you?
  • Is your current sales & service organization model the most efficient one?
  • Can you turn your value propositions into financial customer benefits?
  • Is your investment (time, resources, money) in customer relationships in line with the investment made by your customer?
  • Is your sales process simple enough?
  • Have you built up a good understanding of what your sales teams should do before the RFQ phase?
  • Can you objectively measure the different sales-related skills of your people?
  • Can sales management evaluate the quality of customer meetings?
  • Do you measure the quality of your sales coaching?
  • What does a good sales process before RFQ phase look like?

Start talking to us, we can help you to identify in objective and concrete terms your performance level compared with the world’s best B2B companies and to design a development plan that really focuses on those areas that bring you financial results.