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We are looking for consultants OR individual consultant partners in Sweden/Norway/Denmark, in Germany and in France

You may be the consultant we are looking for if you aim at the absolute top. You get to be an integral part of the Precedo Consulting’s team and develop Europe's highest quality consulting team specializing in sales leadership.

The Accelerating Change

Navigating today's marketplace entails unprecedented challenges for firms. With a plethora of solutions and evolving technologies impacting every aspect of operations, the decision-making processes have become increasingly intricate. This complexity is further amplified by the growing number of stakeholders involved at various stages of the buying processes. The challenge of making informed purchasing decisions is more pronounced than ever. Thus, demonstrating the unique value of the solutions is increasingly challenging for sales teams.

Artificial intelligence is excelling in answering queries and learning. However, its efficacy in problem definition, and human persuasion and leadership remains limited. We believe that integration of human expertise with machine capabilities stands as the pivotal area in sales management. Gone are the days when sales leadership merely involved output control and rewards. Today, it is a nuanced management function that amalgamates various managerial roles, with coaching emerging as a cornerstone. Yet, our extensive field research shows that in most companies, there is a large gap between the aspiration of coaching and its implementation.

Precedo Consulting – Leader in Sales

Founded in Finland in 1987, Precedo Consulting has established itself as a leading strategic sales consulting and training partner. We focus on building a competitive edge for our clients in B2B sales and customer operations and accelerating transformative change. Our mission is to guide our clients towards becoming top-tier sales organisations. We have consulted over 300 organisations across more than 40 countries empowering thousands of sales leaders, sales specialists, and experts. Clients of ours are the leading organisations of their industries. 

Our integrated and practical concept produces long-lasting value for our customers time after time. The concept development is lead by Marko Hänninen, our esteemed managing partner since 2004, renowned for his profound expertise in sales leadership. Our proficiency stems from a fusion of firsthand management experience and rigorous research. Rather than adhering to trends, we conduct in-depth analyses of each client's sales organisation, guiding them towards measurable enhancements. 

What are we looking for

  • We are looking for consultants OR individual consultant partners in Sweden/Norway/ Denmark, in Germany and in France.

Your primary responsibility will be to sell and execute the Precedo Consulting’s proven integrated consultancy concept. You work either as our consultant or as a partner with a partnership contract. You'll be tasked with engaging in diverse, stimulating, and challenging projects that encompass both sales and delivery of consulting projects.

Leveraging your academic background, which includes university-level education, and your experience in leadership role, you will excel in identifying key drivers of success, adopting an executive perspective. You have an excellent ability to influence and sell value. You possess analytical, efficient, and a pragmatic approach to work. Proficiency in both spoken and written English is imperative for achieving success in this role. 

What will you get?

We offer you a unique opportunity to work with the best customer companies in their industries, and help them succeed. We will put emphasis on your development, providing you with a lot of coaching to develop to the top level. You get to be coached by one of Europe's leading sales management consultants Marko Hänninen. At Precedo Consulting we aim to operate in a balanced way, drive results but also constantly learn and maintain a good overall life balance. 

As a consultant your financial compensation is based on the fixed monthly salary representing 50% of your target salary and and your personal and team based performance complements the total compensation. As your own skills and performance develop, you have the opportunity to develop all the way to partner. Alternatively, we may also enter into a longterm partnership agreement, which will give you the opportunity to utilize our concept and expertise in a way that benefits all parties. 

We are deeply committed to fostering your development and enhancing your performance as part of our team. To this end, we offer a comprehensive coaching program and continuous support for both sales and consulting assignments. 

We are dedicated to continue building a top-tier European sales management consulting team that  seamlessly integrates profound practical management expertise with rigorous research, enabling our clients to attain enduring success in B2B sales and customer operations. Would you like to join us on this journey?

We conduct the recruitment process in parallel with implementing consultancy assignments and therefore appreciate your patience throughout this process. The selection process involves some online tasks, followed by two rounds of interviews for final candidates, totaling five hours. You will receive feedback from these interviews. Our aim with this rigorous process is to ensure that we identify the ideal fit for everyone involved.

Send your free-form application and cv to jobs@precedo.fi and we'll start a conversation. If you want more information, contact Marko, marko.hanninen@precedo.fi, and we will arrange a conversation.