Precedo is your strategic consulting & training partner for developing your competitive advantage in the areas of sales and customer operations as well as leading and accelerating change.

The company was established in 1987 in Helsinki as Rubinstein Consulting – at that time the focus was helping customers to archieve excellence in customer orientation.

In 2002, we started to collaborate with Huthwaite International, a global leader in the area of sales skills training and with access to by far the largest real-life research data in the world – more than 40,000 real-life sales and negotiations situations analyzed.

In 2004, Marko Hanninen joined the company as Managing Director and minority shareholder. The mission of the company was redefined and senior consultants within the company started to of think about building a deep understanding of what a truly world class B2B sales organization looks like? Since than, our mission has been to help our customers to archieve that.

In 2009, managing partner Marko Hanninen and partner Markku Selander bought all the shares in the company.

So far, our team have provided consultancy services to more than 100 companies during their change processes. Globally we have trained over 7,000 sales leaders, salespeople and technical experts of more than 40 nationalities in demanding value selling, negotiation skills and sales leadership. We have also coached customer sales teams to win more than 650 real sales cases globally.

Many of our customers have said to us that they are struggling to find good value sellers and modern sales leaders, and that it is particularly difficult to analyze the sales leadership & sales competencies objectively when recruiting people. Due to these ever increasing customer needs we decided to establish a new business unit, Precedo Performance Oy. Precedo Performance is focused on recognizing, recruiting and developing world-class sales leaders and value sellers.

We aim to be the most respected and profitable consulting and training company in Finland providing sustainable value for our customers in the areas of leadership, B2B sales and recruitment.

It has been an enjoyable journey to working with great customers and results-oriented people, but this is only the beginning – long-term objectives have been defined.