Negotiation Skills

What do the world’s top negotiators do? At what level do my own skills relate to theirs?

Negotiation skills – the training focuses on providing participants with the skills and tools to effectively complete the negotiation phase at the end of the sales process. Based on our unique research, we have identified three elements of effective negotiation (Figure) that are thoroughly reviewed during the training.

As with other skills-related trainings, the core of the Negotiation Skills training is exercises and the objective feedback it provides. Participants prepare and plan for commercial negotiation in teams. To help with this preparation and planning, during the training, they have been introduced to the tools related to the different stages of the negotiation process. They will be able to test these tools in the context of this negotiation exercise. The negotiation exercise itself and its objective analysis allow participants to benchmark their own negotiation skills against the world’s top negotiators. With the help of this feedback, the participants are able to create a concrete plan for themselves to further develop their negotiation skills.

Who are the trainings for?

Negotiation skills – the training is suitable for anyone who participates in negotiations in their work, either as a chief negotiator or as a member of a team. These can be negotiations within the company or with third parties in both sales and purchasing functions.

The needs of companies vary and that is why we often tailor this training for each company.

What are our trainings based on?

Precedo Consulting has been an exclusive partner of Huthwaite International in Finland since 2002. Huthwaite International is one of the world's leading sales training organizations. The sales skills trainings are based on the observation of more than 40,000 real life sales and negotiation interactions. In practice, we have been able to differentiate and document the behaviours of skilled salespersons that distinguishes them from average salespersons.

Huthwaite has spent more than 40 years and several million euros on research to ensure that the skills taught in our various training programs are relevant to success and that they repeatedly lead to success in sales in different industries and markets. Because of the research done, Huthwaite is the only training organization in the world that can show that training has contributed to the improved financial performance of companies.

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