Leading Change in Sales

According to John P. Kotter, 70% of the change projects fail. Precedo Consulting has helped over 150 organizations to plan and accelerate B2B sales transformation.

With our unique research and experience, we have gained a deep understanding about planning and executing successful sales transformation.

Our customers have described the difficulties of sales transformations as follows:

”The goal was clear, but we underestimated the need of support to sales team leaders”

”Most of our salespeople, business leaders and professionals understand the importance of consultative sales. However, change has been quite slow because people have not really adopted the new method yet”

”We set ambitious goals for the salespeople and professionals, but did the quality and quantity of the sales coaching leave halfway?”

On an individual’s point of view, executing change is almost every time a big deal. Most of the time management’s attention focuses on only the salespeople. Management does not put enough focus on the sales team leaders’ role as the most important driver of the change.

We define with our customers how we measure and support sales team leaders.

The dynamic Change Model of Precedo Consulting is based on a deep understanding and experience of B2B sales transformations, and it will always be tailored to the organization. It will help to plan, execute and speed up change as well as, provide tools for measuring the impact of change activities.

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