Sales Team Assessment

Is there a lot to improve on the performance of the sales team and you’re not quite sure which things are the most important development issues for performance? Where to start?

Have you taken development measures before? Is your challenge now to identify the concrete things that could take your sales team’s performance to the next level?

Perhaps you are considering how to make your sales team members realize that there is room for improvement? And that it is worth focusing on?

Precedo Consulting helps its clients to understand the current situation by conducting a sales team assessment in a way that combines the analysis of both individuals and the sales organization, where applicable. In this service, we leverage our in-depth expertise in assessing salespeople’s capabilities as well as the five key elements of a sales organization. The focus between these two elements, organization and individuals, is determined on a customer-by-customer basis.

As a result of the Sales Team Assessment, we produce an objective picture of the current state in terms of critical elements, as well as a concrete TOP 3 development list and the means to implement them.

Contact our experts and we will open a discussion about the situation of your sales team.

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