Auditing the Sales Organization

How close is your sales organization to the top-level?

World class B2B sales organization is constructed of connecting five crucial elements well.

  1. Sales Strategy
  2. Sales Process
  3. Sales Skills
  4. Sales KPIs
  5. Sales Leadership.

Examples of crucial questions:

  • Do you know how your customers segment you?
  • Are your sales and customer service models efficient?
  • Are your investments to customer relationships (time, resources, money) in balance with the investments your customer are making?
  • Are you able to turn your value proposition into economic benefit for your customers?
  • Is your sales process simple and clear enough?
  • Does your whole sales team have a unified view on what a good sales performance looks like at the beginning of the sales process?
  • Are you objectively able to measure sales skills of your team?
  • Are you able to assess the quality of customer meetings on a concrete level?
  • Do you measure the quality of your sales coaching?

Precedo Consulting analyses your sales organization objectively but pragmatically compared to the top B2B companies of the world.

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