Key Account Management

Key account customers often play a strategically important role in profitability and continuity. Quite often, we come across that key customers are not developing as desired and that competitive pressures may have weakened profitability over time.

Key Account Management - training enables the participant to view and develop key customer activities in three key areas:

  1. Selection of key accounts and evaluation of the current situation
    Customer understanding eg. How the customer segments us and choices of its impact on the selling party, how the client makes the decisions and how well we have managed to build a relationship of trust with the relevant contacts within the customer, analysis of the competitive situation.
  2. Systematic key account management
    Structure of a sufficiently simple key customer plan, allocation of resources around the key customer, metrics for evaluating sales activities.
  3. Sales skills in key accounts
    An excellent plan alone is not enough to produce results. For this reason, our training also includes skills elements. We focus on skills that allow us to systematically identify and develop those areas where we can work with the customer to create value. Concretizing and communicating the value produced through collaboration is another important core skill we focus on in this training. As part of the training, participants will also receive tools that will enable them to objectively assess their own success in customer communication.
Who is the training for?

Key Account Management – the training is suitable for all those who are responsible for key accounts or for individuals who are transitioning to these positions and would like to strengthen their own skills. The training also works great as a joint training for the entire key customer team.

The needs of companies vary and that is why we often tailor this training for each company.

Please contact us for more information and at the same time open a discussion about your company’s key customers and their development.

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