Clarifying the Sales Strategy

Is your sales strategy clear and is your current sales model efficient?

Sales strategy should answer to three core questions:

  • To which segments, customers, geographical areas do we want to sell?
  • How do I allocate our resources in a value creating but in an efficient way?
  • How do I organize a sales organization in the most efficient way possible?

Organizing sales should have two core targets. The first is efficiency and the second is quality. Both of them can be measured objectively.

The progressive change of customers’ purchasing behaviors allow utilization of technology. With the help of technology, sales organization can be more efficient, but at the same time the quality can be maintained or even enhanced.

If you are considering some of the following questions, contact our professionals!

  • Is the Hunter and Farmer model the most efficient model?
  • How do I measure the efficiency of the current sales organization?
  • Is our own segmentation in line with how the customers segment us?
  • If I transfer part of my sales operations to customer service, can I increase productivity without it affecting negatively on quality?
  • Generalists or product salespersons, how do I ensure the efficiency and the quality of the sales organization?
  • How do I set targets and measure the efficiency and the quality of the sales organization?