Customer Service - Sales Skills

Customer Service - Sales Skills training focuses on increasing the sales capabilities of people in customer service positions. Customer service often communicates with the customer by phone or in an online environment. This and often a relatively short discussion time is demanding and good communication skills are key to success.

Training is built on the core description of what steps customers do during their buying cycle and how the selling party should act at different steps. The training explains when customers are ready to make purchasing decisions, i.e. what motivates them and, on the other hand, what things may prematurely stop the path leading to a purchasing decision. The content of preparing for effective and customer-oriented customer contacts is also learned.

In addition to the above, the participants will acquire concrete skills in the training, e.g. opening a conversation, asking needs-focused questions, communicating the strengths of your offering effectively, and engaging the customer in the next steps. In this training, too, the core is exercises and feedback. This ensures that each participant has understood things and has been able to try out skills in a safe training environment. With the help of feedback, everyone is able to create a concrete plan for themselves to further develop their own skills.

Who is the training for?

Customer Service - Sales Skills training is suitable for all those who work in customer service and support roles. Participants will receive an “iron dose” of sales expertise that they can effectively leverage in their customer contacts to generate additional sales.

Please contact us for more information and at the same time we will open a discussion about your Customer Service’s ability to make additional sales.

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