Mentoring Sales Leaders

Is leading a sales team a new challenge for you?

Are you aiming for the absolute top in sales leadership?

Do you want to see your own opportunities on a larger scale?

Do you have challenging leadership situations that you would like to spar with?

Are you considering strategic sales issues and want to challenge yourself with new perspectives?

There are three main points behind Precedo´s mentoring principles:

  1. Goal orientation
  2. Confidential interaction
  3. Commitment

Each of our senior mentors has more than 25 years of extensive real-life sales management experience in a variety of industries internationally. This means that we really know what it feels like to be a leader. Our senior mentors also each have 15 years of sales leadership consulting experience in more than 40 countries.

These field experiences and research have helped us understand and crystallize the key factors that differentiate top sales executives from their average colleagues.

Deep B2B sales leadership knowledge accompanied with trustworthy relationship is the basis of our mentoring.

Our mentoring process starts with an introductory phase, where you and the mentor get to know each other and define the goals of the collaboration and the rules of the game. Our mentoring typically lasts 12 months and includes a mutually agreed upon number of appointments. In the final phase of mentoring, the results to be achieved are evaluated and a decision is made on the possible continuation of the relationship.

Book a 45-minute free online chat time with our Senior Mentor and get to know our service more in detail. In this way we can discuss your situation and thoughts, consider the best way moving forward together.

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