Top-Level Sales Leadership

What do top sales leaders do differently?

Top sales leaders lead and support their team in a way that it also improves the performance of the team’s individuals at every stage of the sales process.

The ultimate purpose of sales leadership and coaching is to help the team and its individuals win sales projects.

Some of the challenges that we have heard from our customers:

“We have provided various coaching trainings for sales managers, but it has not paid off. Maybe the training has been too general and not related to the practical sales work and sales process?”

“We talk a lot about coaching but we haven’t just made it work in our sales organization. Sales staff don’t feel they get relevant feedback that would really help them win more deals”

“Sales management does not have sufficient tools to provide objective feedback to the sales staff”

Sales coaching can be divided into two parts:

  • Strategic Sales Coaching
  • Sales Skills Coaching

Strategic sales coaching can be implemented without observations of sales and negotiation situations. However, the development of sales skills require objective observation and analysis of customer interactions.

In B2B sales, the quality of sales work is especially important, and that is why both strategic and sales skills coaching are needed.

Effective sales coaching is based on the three factors:

  1. The sales team leader and sales person have a common perception of what good sales work is like at different stages of the sales process
  2. The sales team leader has sufficient skills to objectively measure and analyze the performance and skills of sales persons
  3. The sales team leader will provide sufficiently specific feedback to the sales person.

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