Value Propositions for the Different Segments

How to build a powerful segment value proposition?

  • ”All the services from one supplier”
  • ”The most wanted partner of the market”
  • ”The most sustainable supplier of the industry”

How well can your sales organization make these general value propositions concrete for your customers?

Value proposition describes the value elements of your company for the specific customer segment. Different customers will appreciate your value elements differently. In order to properly describe the value that your create for the customer, it is extremely important that your team understands challenges of the customers that you are solving, on a concrete enough level.

A good value proposition describes what your solution generates to your customer and the generated value can be measured with financial parameters.

We have helped dozens of our customer organizations to persuasively describe value propositions for different segments.

We will help you to describe your value proposition in a way that it will also help your sales organization to sell the value of your value proposition on a concrete level.

If your value propositions are too generic, or your sales team cannot “turn them into Euros”. Contact our professionals!

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