Recruiting Sales Leaders

Are you recruiting a new sales leader?
How well can you assess the candidates’ sales leadership skills?
Which abilities are important for success and how could they be assessed?

These issues are often considered by our customers and we hear significant concerns regarding sales leader recruitments:

“Candidates often have a good CV and have had job positions in good organizations. In interview situations, they are naturally very sharp. Yes, it often happens that we can only evaluate their real performance 6-12 months after the recruitment. ”

“The risks in these recruitments are great. We invest time as well as money in the selected person. If we fail, we lose business opportunities and, in addition, sales personnel are often dissatisfied with the situation. ”

We help our customers find sales leaders who have the ability and potential to develop into top-level.

Our core competency is the ability to objectively analyze sales leadership capabilities and the construction of individual development plans for sales leaders. We will help you with the whole or just part of the recruitment process. Our work is always based on a deep understanding of the customer's needs.

Our method has been refined in the development of more than 10,000 sales people and hundreds of sales leaders representing more than 40 nationalities. With the help of our analysis tools, we map the candidates´ sales leadership and sales capabilities on a research-based, objective, but still very concrete level. This enables our customers to make an optimal choice of the candidates. In addition to this, we identify the concrete development topics in coaching that should be paid attention to from day 1.

If you are considering recruiting a sales leader, please contact us. Let´s have an open dialogue on how we can support you on this important matter.

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