Recruiting Salespersons

Are you recruiting a new salesperson or looking for a new key account manager?
How well are you able to assess a salesperson’s sales capabilities at the recruitment stage?
How well can you assess the salesperson’s potential to succeed in the position?

Sales people in B2B environment are constantly being searched. In discussions with our clients, the demanding nature of recruitment and the risks if recruitment is not successful often come up.

Examples of our customers' comments:

“It’s really hard to find salespeople who can sell solutions, not just products.”

“It takes up to a year or two for a new salesperson to start producing results for us.”

“We have over 50 salespeople and, to be honest, we are currently unable to objectively assess the capabilities of our salespeople.”

“Customers’ buying behavior is changing. Who has potential for value selling and who should stick to transactional selling? ”

“We have to make a lot of decisions based on a gut feeling. Do we have talents in customer service or technical support who could be successful in B2B sales?”

We help our clients find salespersons with sufficient ability and potential to develop into top-level in B2B sales.

At the core of our service is our unique ability to objectively analyze the sales capabilities of individuals.

Our method has been refined in the development of more than 10,000 sales people and hundreds of sales leaders representing more than 40 nationalities. With the help of our analysis tools, we map the candidates´ sales capabilities on a research-based, objective, but still very concrete level. This enables our customers to make an optimal choice of the candidates. In addition to this, we identify the concrete development topics in coaching that should be paid attention to from day 1.

If you are considering hiring a new salesperson, please get in touch. You will learn more about our unique service and at the same time we can discuss your recruitment needs more in detail.

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