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Become a top consultant?

“Change is only another word for growth, another synonym for learning.”  Charles Handy

A massive growth of the amount of information, changes in purchasing behavior, technological advancements, and a new way of competition, challenges almost every executive. In a rapidly changing environment, organizations will have to find value elements of which the clients are willing to pay for. Management will continuously have to think about what a growth creating sales and service model will look like in the coming years. Model that will also generate value for clients. Sales leaders will have to assess how well, in reality, teams are able to sell the value of the solutions to clients.

There is a broad understanding within successful organizations that everyone takes part in creating and communicating value for clients.

Successful change and sales growth takes skills to recognize the opportunities of the markets and to build an effective sales strategy that also brings value to clients. Furthermore, teams need the skills to sell the value of their solution. Certain timeless skills that concern human interaction in the context of sales, that has not changed in centuries. 

Developing sales strategy, sales leadership and sales skills happens through learning. We help you on that. 

The demand for our services is growing and we need more consultants

Precedo Consulting is a strategic consulting and training partner established in 1987. We help our clients to develop competitive advantage in B2B sales and customer operations, as well as leading and accelerating change. Our mission is to help our clients to improve their way to a top sales organization.

For over 30 years we have developed solutions where sales strategy, sales process, sales skills, sales metrics and sales leadership come together as one seamless entity.

We have consulted over 300 organizations in over 40 countries. We have trained and coached thousands of sales leaders, salespersons and experts to value selling skills, negotiation and sales leaderships skills. 

Over 20 years of collaboration with Huthwaite International allows us to get a hold of a unique, largest ever real-life research of B2B sales. 

In the core of our operation is the value generated to our clients, result orientation and honesty. Our clients are the leading organizations of their industries. Many of which are the world’s market leaders in their fields. 

What are you?

You are an individual with an analytic, efficient and a pragmatic touch for work. Your educational background and leadership experience helps you to identify the key drivers for results from the perspective of the executives.

You have been successful as a sales team leader in B2B environment and/or have been responsible for a profit and loss in a business-unit or a company. During your career, you also have achieved results in demanding B2B sales projects by yourself. You want to develop operations and constantly improve your own performance. 

You can identify and focus on the essentials, as well as influence persuasively.  

Excellent verbal and written English skills are necessary to succeed. 

What will you do?

Your job includes selling and executing our consultant and training services.

We are looking for people who aim to be top consultants. Your goals develop as your experience grows and you will get to work on extremely versatile, interesting and demanding projects. The specific job description will be determined based on your skills and goals.

What will you get?

We offer You a unique personal development opportunity in sales and business consultancy with our great clients. 

We will put emphasis on your development, providing you with a lot of coaching to achieve our team’s goals.  

You will get a competitive compensation with a possibility for you to highly contribute to it with your own performance.

Please contact our Managing Partner Marko Hänninen for additional information inquiries.