We help our customers to find sales leaders and value sellers who have good ability and potential to develop to be the best.

Our customers have mentioned to us more and more often the following challenges when recruiting:

  • “It is really difficult to find a sales person able to sell customized solutions not just products”
  • “It takes one or 2 years before a seller is able to bring produce results”
  • “We have more than 100 sales people and, if I am honest, I am not able to assess their competencies objectively”
  • “I have tested and recruited a huge number of sales people, but I have never received help with analyzing how I should coach them: e.g. creating new contacts, uncovering customer needs, presenting a solution, negotiation phase. Once a year or more has gone, I normally start to see those gaps”
  •  “I wonder if we have talents within customer service or in technical support organizations? I wonder if some might also have potential to move into sales?”

Our mission is to recognize, recruit and develop individual value selling and sales leadership performance to the highest possible level.

The core of our competence is to analyze sales and sales leaders’ competencies and objectively to build an individual development path which accelerates sales performance development.

Our work / project always starts with a deep understanding of your needs.

When carrying out the assessment we use several assessment tools:

  • Value selling and sales leadership indepth interview
  • B2B Sales 360 analysis which is focused on 8 key elements and 16 sub-topics correlating to success in complex B2B sales
  • Emotional intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills that collectively establish how well we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way. Emotional intelligence can be measured with scientifically proven tools (EQ-i), which is a result of 30 years of rigorous research work, The core elements of the EQ-i tool, measuring individual emotional and social functioning and overall performance, are 5 high-level categories each containing 3 sub-elements.
  • Sales Leader 360 analysis
  • Strategic sales planning test

As a result, we make a uniquely deep description of the candidate to allow customers to make the correct recruitment decisions and to be able to build a systematic coaching plan for chosen candidates from day1.

We also help you to define the different roles in your sales organization and to define concrete enough and measurable competence profiles for the different sales-related roles.

Some comments we have received from our customers:

“We have never seen our people’s sales sales-related competencies so deeply. I got the investment back from this meeting.”

“Even if I they are selecting me, is it possible to get feedback. This was the most interesting testing day in my life”

“Really interesting and valuable report presentation. As a leader I have not seen anything like that before. Deep, but still concrete.”

If your target is to improve one of the areas mentioned, we would be happy to start talking you.