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World Class Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills, 3. – 4.11.2020, Keilaranta 1 or Online

Participate at Keilaranta 1 or choose online option, which ever suits you best. We take max. 12 participants to this programme to be able to give you individual feedback and coach you further.

Objectives of the programme

By the end of this programme, participants will:

  • Understand the elements of a world class negotiation
  • Understand the relationship between selling and negotiating and the overlaps
  • Know how to prepare and plan in a structured way, using the VBA Success Model
  • Know how to develop strategies and tactics to take the negotiation to the desired outcome
  • Understand where power comes from in negotiations and learn how to bargain
  • Be able to maintain a positive climate
  • Be able to calculate the other party’s position and deal effectively with negative tactics
  • Compare their own behaviours with those of the researched Success Model and adopt them successfully
  • Create an Action Plan for continued development of the skills learnt.
Structure of the programme

Day 1: 9am to 6pm

  • What is the difference between persuasion (selling) and negotiation?
  • Negotiation phases and topics
  • Preparing for negotiations
    • Evaluating strengths, weaknesses and the power balance
    • Setting objectives and fall-back positions: yours and theirs
    • Negotiable issues, priorities, limits
  • Planning for negotiations
  • Power
    • Sources of power
    • How to build your power position?
    • how to plan and concretely utilize power in negotiations?
  • Identifying and trading your leavers
    • Planning and how to use leavers in negotiations
  • Building common ground
  • Planning for bargaining
    • Seven (7) key tactics to be considered when bargaining
  • Opening strategies and their impact to the other party
  • Planning and implementing your concession strategy
  • Preparing for the Negotiation Exercise

Day 2: 8.30am to 5.30pm

  • Negotiation Exercise
    • Planning
    • Implementation of the exercise, 75 minutes
  • Face to face skills negotiation skills
    • The success model revealed
    • What concrete behaviours top negotiators are using a lot?
    • What they are avoiding?
    • Concrete research findings presented behaviour by behaviour
  • Behaviours to avoid deadlock situations
    • Successful behaviours when facing those situations
  • Assessment of the negotiation exercise’s strategy and tactics
    • Achieved vs. planned outcomes
  • Individual feedback from the negotiation exercise
    • Each participant will receive unique research based written feedback, which compares participant’s profile against average and skilled negotiation profile
  • Dirty Tricks in negotiations
  • Action plan to further development of the learned skills.
Participant comments

“Planning process and tools like Negotiation Organizer helped us to save 37 million euros in one agreement”

“Account Managers and the whole compnay is now having a same commercial language in negotiations”

“Training module linked to “Power” changed completely the way how our negotiators see their own negotiation position”

“First exercise in the training was an eye opener from how can we reach win:win outcomes from our negotiations”

“We wanted to have measurable changes in our negotiators individual negotiation skills – I must say that we certainly got that!”.

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